Our organisation aims to give hope by spreading kindness and words of encouragement! 

hopefillers.com aims to give hope to people everywhere by sharing kindness.
 H-helping O-other P-people E-embrace F-fundamental I-ideas L-living L-life E-engaging R-real S-sharing 
Share hope, happiness and kindness, value and respect others to help make the world a better place. We hope to share some simple beauty in the world to help brighten yours.

Imagine an organisation about sharing, caring and helping each other in the process! 

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EXCITING NEWS COMING SOON- Hopefillers.com will be launching a YouTube channel for you to like, subscribe and leave comments too! 

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Random acts of kindness

You might need a spark, a ray of sunshine, something to uplift your spirits. In these times we all need hope. With kindness towards others we can all GIVE hope. 

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There will be a weekly video on how to give hope, find hope and stay hopeful by sharing kindness. Stories about how you have been inspired or have inspired others are a part of how we can share to help one another. 

It’s the Little things, the simple things, finding goodness around us! 

Take a walk outside, enjoy the sunshine, the garden, the beauty of the things in nature that you might find around you. Let yourself be uplifted and happy. Find something to be grateful for. Being a giver will often give you a sense of joy when you least expect it! A simple smile can go a long way to help others 😊

Do you need some hope?

At the end of the day we are all brothers and sisters of the human race, so let’s value who we are! 

These times are unprecedented and overwhelming. Showing kindness, respect for and valuing others will make a difference. Do reach out and speak to a GP if you are finding things really tough and your mental health has taken on too much. We can all appreciate how a sincere check in with a medical professional can help us. 

SHare the hope around

Hope Happiness Gallery

Send us a picture to inspire hope and we’ll add it to our Hope Happiness Gallery. 
GOt an uplifting Song?

Music makes the world go round

Get your groove on! Dance around your lounge room like nobody’s watching! 😊

What’s your favourite song of the Week?

Mine is Cover me in Sunshine by P¡nk!


BECOME a hopefiller

Are you a positive person? Would you like to volunteer your time and ideas to spread kindness and hope? Please share your ideas on why you would like to become a hopefiller. 
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Are You up for it?

Take the Fourteen Day HOPEFILLER challenge!

Helpful for those of us self isolating for 14 days! You can make up your own daily challenges or use the suggested one below. 
Day 1 - Set your goals for what you are going to do when your self isolation is complete or for those of us not in self isolation-write down some short term and long term goals. Maybe something you have always wanted to do! 

Day 2- Reconnect with someone. Phone a friend/relative that you haven’t heard from in a while and reconnect. 

Day 3- Reconnect with yourself or someone else. Write a letter to yourself about where you are at right now and open it in six months time. Or email a friend to reconnect with & see how they are doing. 

Day 4- If you have a view inside your room (if self isolating) look out the window and see if you can see any animals or beauty in nature. People who are free to move outdoors- go for a walk and see if you can spot any animals or beauty in nature. 

Day 5- What do you feel passionate about? Does this motivate you? How? Write about it or talk to a friend. 

Day 6- Are you a giver? Have you done something kind for someone else lately? If yes, what was it and how did it make you feel? If not, think of something kind that you can do today to show kindness to someone else and do it! 

Day 7- ooh we are half way through the challenge-yay! Try something new-have you baked a cake before, volunteered in your community, learnt a new skill? Today is your day to have a go at something you have never done before! Maybe you have secretly always wanted to do this-what’s stopping you? 

Day 8- Let someone close to you know how much they mean to you. Share the love! 

Day 9- Take some photos or draw/paint some pictures about things that make you smile and happy. Memories are beautiful things to look back on!

Day 10- Do you have a pet? Is there an animal that makes you smile? Hug your pet if you have a huggable pet! If not what’s an animal that can inspire you and why? Pet animals give us unconditional love and make life a joy. Pretend you are walking your imaginary pet in self isolation (perhaps as a drama improvisation and maybe if you are sure nobody can see you 😂)!

Day 11- Do another random act of kindness! Give somebody a flower 🌸-virtually if you are in self isolation. 

Day 12- Do another random act of kindness! Support someone who needs some hope or do something to put a smile on someone else’s dial! 

Day 13-Pay somebody a compliment. 

Day 14-Reflection Day! Woo Hoo! You did it! ❤️😁

Did you reach your short term goals?  

How did you feel after completing the 14 day challenge?

Would you recommend the challenge to others? Why/Why not?